EpiSurge is a volunteer effort to connect epidemiologist with health departments that need their skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our public health and medical systems to their breaking point. Controlling the virus will require a surge in public health capacity to detect and control local outbreaks. Across the country, state and local health departments are at the forefront of the fight to find cases, track down contacts, and implement control measures.

Many public health people across the country, working across different sectors, have the skills and willingness to help local health departments with surge capacity. We want to connect those people to their local health departments in need of urgent relief, and provide some basic trainings (HIPAA/ ICS).


We are alumni of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, where we had been involved in a student organization providing surge capacity to state and local departments of public health. We would love to expand this model to include more than just students as well.  


Got questions? Drop us an email or check out our Slack channel!

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